Hey, after two years, the blog is back and it’s shiny and newish again. 🙂 Be sure to check out: The Bookshelf – Thoughts and reviews of some books I’ve recently read. Gallery – A few drawing and sketches I’ve done in the past (will add more in the near future). Books & Writing –…

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It’s so shiny! (New Design)

The site has needed a revamp for a looonnnggg time.  I finally got around to doing it! I’m hoping to focus more on books reviews and writing in the future.  I’ve already read a few books in the last couple of weeks that I plan to be reviewing soon: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, Double Life…

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My Latest Project

First up on my agenda is a really quick update on the site.  If you check out the Portfolio page, you might notice that my short story, Fairy Hunting, is no longer available to read.  The reason is because (from what I can tell) it’s being considered for publication in a contest.  I don’t have…

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Updated Space Dog FAQ

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I actually wrote a new short story, so I was kind of focused on that.  Anyway, I added four new FAQ entries on the Space Dog website as well as a new section to the FAQ: ‘About the Solar Stone Trilogy Plot and Characters.’  I was originally going to…

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Blog Makeover (Again! – But This One’s Good!)

I have FINALLY designed my first WordPress theme!!  As you can see it’s in use at this very moment. 😀 However, I must warn ‘yeh that it’s not entirely complete.  I have things to add onto the sidebar (I wanna make it look a lot different), the giant featured image *points above* will eventually be…

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New FAQ Entries

So, I had submitted Space Dog for review a while back and finally got the reply email today.  It very kindly said that they were not interested in reviewing the novel (and I really mean kindly – it was so nice!).  The person, however, brought up several valid points from reading the first chapter.  I…

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Website: FINALLY!

I FINALLY came up with a deisgn I actually like for the Space Dog website.  Some of the pages are still missing though and I wanna add some extra graphics still to make it look cool. Just thought I’d let everyone know though 🙂


I’m leaving in less than two hours, it’s over one in the morning and I have yet to sleep as I’m still preparing for this trip.  I just had dinner (as I hadn’t eaten all day). So, I’m going to blog/update everything on my trip on Twitter: Tweets by SprSaul So, everything should be there!…

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Concept Art Page & Chapter Images

Soo…. I just added a Concept Art Page, although technically it ain’t concept art as it’s the official chapter images…. actually, I suppose that would still make it concept art, but not in he same sense as most people would think. I’ll probably add in some more images as time goes by. Like maybe I’ll…

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I Darn Finally Dun It!

Ya’ll heard it righ’ here.  I darn did finally dun it!  Dun what, ya’ll ask?  I just gone an’ dun abou’ the two greatestest thayng ya’ller ever see in these for’y-two uni’ed states! I finally found me a rootin tootin good design. I dun finally put up the firs’ chapter o’ Space Doggy on me…

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Mind The Sausage Tree

This new theme like totally screams sausages. The tree grows sausages and there are sausages on the peoples’ heads. How cool is that? Yeah, I know. Way cool. So…. I dunno what to write…. The giants won….. w00t….. eh….. I finished writing up the outline to the second Space Dog book. I doubt anyone cares….

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