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Sorry for the lack of updates.  I actually wrote a new short story, so I was kind of focused on that.  Anyway, I added four new FAQ entries on the Space Dog website as well as a new section to the FAQ: ‘About the Solar Stone Trilogy Plot and Characters.’  I was originally going to place the questions under ‘About Space Dog,’ but those questions seemed more toward the writing of Space Dog rather than the story itself.    I got these questions while visiting local schools.  I know I had a ZILLION more (haha, especially from the elementary kids, they like to ask a lot of questions), but I can’t remember all of them.  If I remember any, I’ll add them.  These are the ones that stuck out.

From About Book One: The Solar Stone Code.

How do you pronounce ‘Glenbles’?

Is Galaxy Girl (Lexi Lowe) going to become a main character in the next book?
Lexi has a MUCH larger role in the following books. Yes.

From About the Solar Stone Trilogy Plot and Characters.

Where do you come up with the names for your characters?

Some of the names fit, like Space Dog and Catazoid. Other names are completely random, like Combesin and Lezemat. Then there are names that are normal and, for me, fit the characters perfectly, such as Kandy Laying or Mike Tanner. So, do I give any thought to my names? Yes. Names like Leoma have meanings behind them. I also made an extra effort to name nearly every single C.J.S. general and commander after famous U.S. generals and commanders. General Grant Robins’s first name comes from Ulysses S. Grant.

Will Space Dog have a love interest?
Nope. If Space Dog had a love interest, it would have to be a female dog, and since Space Dog is the only talking dog, that person can’t exist. And it’d be too weird for Space Dog to be in love with a human or any other alien. Sorry, it just ain’t gonna happen. (I had a lot of complaints about this one, hehe).

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