Start Spreading the News….

… I’m leaving tomorrow.

And I’m nervous.

You can ask Ryan about my fear of flying on a plane.  What if it exploades in midair!?!?!?  And they aslways say, “Don’t worry it won’t,” but that’s what they think until it happens!  And by that time it’s too late, like this one time when I was in first grade…. well, you get the point.

Anyway, I’m going to New York City!  It was kind of sudden.  My aunt is going to be down there and she invited me, so I’m going on the plane – alone (ehh…) And I’m meeting with her tomorrow.  It should be fun though!  We still don’t know exactly what we’ll do, but we’ll figure it all! 😀

And, I’ll take lots o’ pictures for you guys and then post them all here, so whoo!

And last….

Mrs. Calahan finally called back about the book.  What happened was that it got past along to my old english teacher, Mrs. Bailey (aka Miss Peck),  who lost it when she moved, and then found it but didn’t have time to read it anymore so gave it back to Mrs. Calahan.  Either way, Mrs. Calahan read it and so we’re going to meet up sometime and go over the editing and how to make it better.  So, I hope it’ll be completed soon. 😉

AND an update on Space Dog Book 2 is that I have reached over 80,000 Words! (OMG!)  The first book was in the 80,00’s and I still have a lot to go though on this second one which is now at 245 Pages (42 pages less than Book 1).  I’m thinking this could end up near a total of 400 Pages (wow).  If not 400, then it’ll be near 350, I would think.  It kind of depends on how a certina part of the story develops.  I have it all planned out, but sometimes even the author is surprised by something they hadn’t expected to do.

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