Space Dog and the Solar Stone Code in the Near Future

I felt like some professional business man as I typed that title. Like Warner Bros. announcing the release date of a Harry Potter book. Lol.

But seriously, I’m done with it. What does this mean, exactly? It means that I’m done with revising the book. I fixed the formatting problems, triple checked it, and all. And guess what else? I added some chapter images! =D So, now, you guys get to actually see pictures of some the of the characters that may be too-hard-picture-otherwise. w00t.

So, that means that the book has gone into its final stage, editing – which a lot of people get mixed up with revising. Editing is where the book is weeded out for all sorts of mistakes like spelling errors, logical errors (yes, there’s such a thing, and I’ve done it plenty of times), grammar errors, yadde-yadde-yadda….. BUT, I’m not the one who’s doing that. Mrs. Calahan (from Shepherd) very graciously requested to do it herself – and I’m so very happy too, because I know that there are a ZILLION errors in that book (like, ten or more per page… times that by 280 pages), and it would take me even longer to fix all of that. But, I don’t have to so, I’m actually pretty happy.

So, I want it released sometime in April, if it’s possible, but I’m not sure. It depends on how fast the editing goes. =P

  1. vala: you better let matt damon take a look at it he's not just an actor, he edits books in his spare tim Reply
  2. vala: **time Reply