I like to make things. Like a lot.

Don’t ask why, it’s just fun. Writing, video, web design, and even a bit of game development — these are just some of the things I occupy my time with. Here you’ll find some of my current projects as well as completed projects.

Current Projects

YA Science-Fiction Novel

My largest ongoing project is a young adult sci-fi novel I started writing in January 2016 while a student in Brandon Sanderson’s creative writing lecture at BYU. My goal is to begin querying the manuscript to agents in 2018.

Fifth Draft (2018) 15%
Beta Reader Phase (Summer 2017) 100%
Fourth Draft (June 2017) 100%
Third Draft (January - April 2017) 100%
Second Draft (Winter 2016) 100%
First Draft (January - June 2016) 100%

Online Game: You Are Colby

You are Colby is an online browser-based adventure game where you get to be Colby. It’s been developed in Twine and at this point is mostly complete. The last bit of this project is to add several more storylines for players to explore. You can play You are Colby here.

Second Content Expansion (Summer 2018) 25%
Polished Rebuild (June 2018) 100%
First Content Expansion (October 2016) 100%
Primary Build (Summer 2016) 100%
Concept Execution (Summer 2016) 100%

Mobile Game

In the early stages of working on a mobile game with my friend, Matt Clayson. I expect this project to move slowly and take many years to complete, but I’ll keep some updates here.

1st Draft: Script (2018) 3%
1st Draft: Detailed Story Outline (Summer 2017) 95%
Initial Story Proposal (2016-2017) 100%

Past Projects

Web series: Twenty

A documentary web series (presented in the form of a mockumentary) that follows the lives of my friends and the crazy situations they get into. Twenty is complete but not presently available for public viewing.

Episodes 1-5 (2016-2018) 100%
Pilot Episode (Fall 2015) 100%
Filming (2015-2016) 100%

Documentary: Quidditch – The Provo Nightfuries

The story of an underdog Quidditch team trying to make it to the Quidditch World Cup. Watch the documentary here.

Release (March 2018) 100%
Post-Production (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018) 100%
Filming (March 2017) 100%