Hi, I’m Saul Marquez.

I'm a writer based in Brooklyn focusing on digital journalism and podcasting.

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Space Dog 2 might actually end up being more than 400 pages. Wow. I was anticipating 350 – 400 but I’m only at 345 and […]

Website: FINALLY!

I FINALLY came up with a deisgn I actually like for the Space Dog website.  Some of the pages are still missing though and I […]


So I had no idea there were comments that needed to be approved, but I haven’t updated in some time either, so it’s my fault.  […]


I’m leaving in less than two hours, it’s over one in the morning and I have yet to sleep as I’m still preparing for this […]

Start Spreading the News….

… I’m leaving tomorrow. And I’m nervous. You can ask Ryan about my fear of flying on a plane.  What if it exploades in midair!?!?!?  […]

55,000 Words!!

w00t! 55,000 words is a lot, in case you didn’t know. 170 + Pages. Starting Chapter 13. Now officially over half of Book One. Looks […]

Concept Art Page & Chapter Images

Soo…. I just added a Concept Art Page, although technically it ain’t concept art as it’s the official chapter images…. actually, I suppose that would […]

I Darn Finally Dun It!

Ya’ll heard it righ’ here.  I darn did finally dun it!  Dun what, ya’ll ask?  I just gone an’ dun abou’ the two greatestest thayng […]