My Laptop Works! :D

I finally got my laptop up and running! I’m SOOO happy. It runs faster than before, even. And, I’ve always said how much I love the new Mac looks (Mac OS X), so themed Windows XP to look like a Mac! ^^;; So, yeah I’m way happy, and this is tight, writing in my room. […]

Space Dog and the Solar Stone Code in the Near Future

I felt like some professional business man as I typed that title. Like Warner Bros. announcing the release date of a Harry Potter book. Lol. But seriously, I’m done with it. What does this mean, exactly? It means that I’m done with revising the book. I fixed the formatting problems, triple checked it, and all. […]

Look No Hands!

Don’t ask me about the title of this post.  It only has to do with nothing. Guess who hit page 100 in Space Dog 2 the other day?  Who? Oh, yes it is me! (MWHAHAHAHA!).  It would be perfect if the first book was out though….. But as we all know, EDITING QUACKING STINKS ON […]

Puberty! ;D

Space Dog and the Book That Won’t Come Out

Seriously, when will it come out? I dunno, don’t ask. Onto other matters…. You know, YouTube is cool. You can watch, post, and comment videos. Sometimes, you get negative comments – which is ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. BUT, I do think that there is a good way and a bad way […]

Holy Quackamoly

I don’t have Block homework tonight. Well, not completely true. I have to study for an English test, but I think I’ve been paying pretty good attention in class, so I’ll still study, but I don’t think I have too much to worry about….. I think. Breaking Dawn is out like…. August 2nd…. I like […]

Mind The Sausage Tree

This new theme like totally screams sausages. The tree grows sausages and there are sausages on the peoples’ heads. How cool is that? Yeah, I know. Way cool. So…. I dunno what to write…. The giants won….. w00t….. eh….. I finished writing up the outline to the second Space Dog book. I doubt anyone cares. […]

Saul 4 Hopi

Vote me for Jake Black in the Twilight Movie. And tell your friends to vote: SAUL 4 HOPI!!! 😀 Not, really. It’s just a joke. If you didn’t get that. You’re crazy (Monica, Paige).