Concept Art Page & Chapter Images

Soo…. I just added a Concept Art Page, although technically it ain’t concept art as it’s the official chapter images…. actually, I suppose that would still make it concept art, but not in he same sense as most people would think. I’ll probably add in some more images as time goes by. Like maybe I’ll […]

I Darn Finally Dun It!

Ya’ll heard it righ’ here.  I darn did finally dun it!  Dun what, ya’ll ask?  I just gone an’ dun abou’ the two greatestest thayng ya’ller ever see in these for’y-two uni’ed states! I finally found me a rootin tootin good design. I dun finally put up the firs’ chapter o’ Space Doggy on me […]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: PART ONE and TWO!?!?!

Gah! The bitter sweetness of the Harry Potter series…. When the final book came out, it was amazing. Mugglenet called it a “summer to remember,” and much of the HP Fandom has dubbed Summer 2007 to “The Summer of Harry Potter,” it’ll probably be forever known as that in literature and film history – and […]

My Laptop Works! :D

I finally got my laptop up and running! I’m SOOO happy. It runs faster than before, even. And, I’ve always said how much I love the new Mac looks (Mac OS X), so themed Windows XP to look like a Mac! ^^;; So, yeah I’m way happy, and this is tight, writing in my room. […]

Space Dog and the Solar Stone Code in the Near Future

I felt like some professional business man as I typed that title. Like Warner Bros. announcing the release date of a Harry Potter book. Lol. But seriously, I’m done with it. What does this mean, exactly? It means that I’m done with revising the book. I fixed the formatting problems, triple checked it, and all. […]

Look No Hands!

Don’t ask me about the title of this post.  It only has to do with nothing. Guess who hit page 100 in Space Dog 2 the other day?  Who? Oh, yes it is me! (MWHAHAHAHA!).  It would be perfect if the first book was out though….. But as we all know, EDITING QUACKING STINKS ON […]

Puberty! ;D

Space Dog and the Book That Won’t Come Out

Seriously, when will it come out? I dunno, don’t ask. Onto other matters…. You know, YouTube is cool. You can watch, post, and comment videos. Sometimes, you get negative comments – which is ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. BUT, I do think that there is a good way and a bad way […]

Holy Quackamoly

I don’t have Block homework tonight. Well, not completely true. I have to study for an English test, but I think I’ve been paying pretty good attention in class, so I’ll still study, but I don’t think I have too much to worry about….. I think. Breaking Dawn is out like…. August 2nd…. I like […]

Mind The Sausage Tree

This new theme like totally screams sausages. The tree grows sausages and there are sausages on the peoples’ heads. How cool is that? Yeah, I know. Way cool. So…. I dunno what to write…. The giants won….. w00t….. eh….. I finished writing up the outline to the second Space Dog book. I doubt anyone cares. […]