A Mini Book Tour, Maybe?

I don’t quite know what to call it. I guess a series of author visits is fine. Either way, I’ve now visited two schools in the area, the first was Cortina Elementary and the second was Jefferson Elementary and I have been having a BLAST! Okay, not only do I get to miss school (a […]

New FAQ Entries

So, I had submitted Space Dog for review a while back and finally got the reply email today.  It very kindly said that they were not interested in reviewing the novel (and I really mean kindly – it was so nice!).  The person, however, brought up several valid points from reading the first chapter.  I […]

Peek at Space Dog on your iPhone/iPod Touch

So, firstly, I have to give a HUGE thanks to Tom of AppEngines who took the time over the last couple weeks to work with me on getting Space Dog available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  I knew an author who had gotten his works in the App Store through AppEngines – although I […]


Space Dog 2 might actually end up being more than 400 pages. Wow. I was anticipating 350 – 400 but I’m only at 345 and still have so much more to do.  I used to have a hard time filling my 15 paged chapter minimum.  Now, I’ve been going WAY over that. 115, 198 Words.

Website: FINALLY!

I FINALLY came up with a deisgn I actually like for the Space Dog website.  Some of the pages are still missing though and I wanna add some extra graphics still to make it look cool. Just thought I’d let everyone know though 🙂

Space Dog and the Solar Stone Code

I just published Space Dog and the Solar Stone Code. What else is there to say? 🙂 (FYI, I would hold off on ordering the book for a couple more weeks.  It should be on places like Amazon.com by then, and I’ll be getting my proof to see if there are any errors I made).


So I had no idea there were comments that needed to be approved, but I haven’t updated in some time either, so it’s my fault.  Like seriosuly, there’ve been comments that are months old (back from Feb!) Hey, tons has happened though since my trip to New York though.  I sat with Mrs. Calahan and […]


I’m leaving in less than two hours, it’s over one in the morning and I have yet to sleep as I’m still preparing for this trip.  I just had dinner (as I hadn’t eaten all day). So, I’m going to blog/update everything on my trip on Twitter: http://twitter.com/sprsaul So, everything should be there! 😀 (Still […]

Start Spreading the News….

… I’m leaving tomorrow. And I’m nervous. You can ask Ryan about my fear of flying on a plane.  What if it exploades in midair!?!?!?  And they aslways say, “Don’t worry it won’t,” but that’s what they think until it happens!  And by that time it’s too late, like this one time when I was […]

55,000 Words!!

w00t! 55,000 words is a lot, in case you didn’t know. 170 + Pages. Starting Chapter 13. Now officially over half of Book One. Looks like it’ll be even longer than I originally thought, so long as I stick to what I’ve been doing (10 – 15 pages per chapter). Although, the other day, I […]