From the Lecture: Character Evolution

So among other things, I’m hoping to base a blog entry on a piece of the presentation I gave to local school kids when promoting my book this past school year. I’m going to attempt for every Friday – but NO promises! 🙂 You’re reading a book – and yes, this one’s a page turner.  […]

Hungry for the Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins was released last September, and I actually read it last December, but I had a mini sneak preview of it last summer.  So, why am I blogging about it now – almost a year later?  Simply because I never got to it before.  It’s summer now, and with the […]

Blog Makeover (Again! – But This One’s Good!)

I have FINALLY designed my first WordPress theme!!  As you can see it’s in use at this very moment. 😀 However, I must warn ‘yeh that it’s not entirely complete.  I have things to add onto the sidebar (I wanna make it look a lot different), the giant featured image *points above* will eventually be […]

The Cover, HP Companion and More!

No, I’m not following Mr. Vosburg and releasing my cover just because he did. 🙂  Actually, I told my friends that I would post the cover after I got a copy of the book, and I have!  In fact, I got two copies of Space Dog and the Black Virus in the mail the other […]

It. Is. Finished.

Completed: March 21st, 2009.  Nearly two years to write this one.  480 pages (including title pages, copyright, table of contents – otherwise, it is 452 pages).  151,802 words.

A Mini Book Tour, Maybe?

I don’t quite know what to call it. I guess a series of author visits is fine. Either way, I’ve now visited two schools in the area, the first was Cortina Elementary and the second was Jefferson Elementary and I have been having a BLAST! Okay, not only do I get to miss school (a […]

New FAQ Entries

So, I had submitted Space Dog for review a while back and finally got the reply email today.  It very kindly said that they were not interested in reviewing the novel (and I really mean kindly – it was so nice!).  The person, however, brought up several valid points from reading the first chapter.  I […]

Peek at Space Dog on your iPhone/iPod Touch

So, firstly, I have to give a HUGE thanks to Tom of AppEngines who took the time over the last couple weeks to work with me on getting Space Dog available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  I knew an author who had gotten his works in the App Store through AppEngines – although I […]


Space Dog 2 might actually end up being more than 400 pages. Wow. I was anticipating 350 – 400 but I’m only at 345 and still have so much more to do.  I used to have a hard time filling my 15 paged chapter minimum.  Now, I’ve been going WAY over that. 115, 198 Words.