So I had no idea there were comments that needed to be approved, but I haven’t updated in some time either, so it’s my fault.  Like seriosuly, there’ve been comments that are months old (back from Feb!)

Hey, tons has happened though since my trip to New York though.  I sat with Mrs. Calahan and she gave me feedback on the book and I’ve been working on editing it.  I thought it’d be easier to make the changes on the .doc file once she went through it and revised it – and it is easier – it’s just time consuming!  But I AM working on that, and since the first chapter has been edited, I should update that excerpt with the newly revised one.  Also, I’ll probabaly add some extra Non-Space Dog stuff too because Space Dog isn’t the only thing in my life and actually not the only thing I’ve been writing *hint, hint* 🙂

But, for an update on SD:2 – I cracked 300 Pages!  That’s longer than the first book already and I expect I have 100 pages left to go.  I’m about five chapters away from where the actual ‘ending’ begings (you know where everything starts getting really exciting and leads up to the big-crazy-awesome-climax).  Oh, and I was looking at a past post of mine, 55,000 Words – I’m over 100,000 Words in the second book now! 😀

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