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So, I had submitted Space Dog for review a while back and finally got the reply email today.  It very kindly said that they were not interested in reviewing the novel (and I really mean kindly – it was so nice!).  The person, however, brought up several valid points from reading the first chapter.  I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read the things they pointed out.  Why?  Not because they were dumb remarks (not at all). On the contrary, these are questions that I want the reader to have in mind. So, I changed the questions just a bit (to better suit the FAQ) and added them in the FAQ section on the Space Dog website. Here they are:

It’s clear that Mr. White hates his job. Not only that, but he’s very dimwitted – so how is it possible for someone like him to be the president of C.J.S.?
I’m not going to comment much on this one (because there is an answer – and a good one!) All I have to say is that Mr. White isn’t as dumb as he lets off. He’s actualy a pretty good actor.

In the first chapter, Mr. White had signed a large pile of papers, but later on in the book we learn that printed books are hard to find and are no longer printed. Not only that, but if the story takes place in 2383, mightn’t they use some sort of computer or gadget to sign documents?
Paper is not gone from Space Dog’s world. It is still there – but it’s not in abundance and it does not come cheap at all. Mr. White would be signing papers rather than digital documents because they would be very important and official documents and digital signatures are simply not sufficient for such things.

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