My Personal History

This is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about me.  Enjoy 😉


Lately, my life has felt extremely hectic and exhausting.  School keeps me busy to absolutely no end. Last week, I was up until at least three in the morning doing homework. That was the worst week of my entire life.

I guess the hectic tangle that surrounds me daily started years ago on October 30th, 1991. My birthday. I was named after my dad, although my mom wanted to name me Daniel, which became my middle name.  Saul Daniel Marquez.  I actually like my name a lot. It’s a FUN name. How many people can slip their names into the words “Saulchichas,” which is Spanish for “Saulsages.” One of my favorites is “Saulami” and another favorite is “Saulton.”

Apart from my name, I LOVE my birthday. One day you get presents, the next you get candy. It doesn’t get much better than that.  The funny thing is, I went through my first nine years believing my birthday to be the 31st.

I used to brag about how my birthday was on Halloween. I honestly have no idea how I went so long getting my birthday wrong. I remember when I found out, though.

I saw Sister Slover at school on the 30th. I was on my way to lunch when she told me “Happy Birthday.”

I, of course, corrected her. NOT.

“No, Saul, your birthday is today, not tomorrow.” I brushed it off and told my mom about the incident.

“Saulito,” she said, “your birthday is today.”

Dang it.

Oh well. I’ve learned to really like my birthday either way. The only downside? October 30th is the last day Lily and James were alive before they were murdered.  Sad day. Except, that was like ten years before I was actually born. If it’s any consolation, I was born the day before Professor Quirrel let the troll into Hogwarts.

Speaking of which….

Everyone knows how much I absolutely despise Hufflepuffs. Hufflepuff is the most useless house in all of Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat said they’re loyal an whatnot but in the fourth, he defintely says that Helga Hufflepuff took in all the left overs.

So, what happens right before this past winter break? Cory called me a Hufllepuff. I told him that I would destroy him if he didn’t stop, but he didn’t seem to take me seriously. Next hour, in English, the word gets out. Saul Marquez is a Hufflepuff.

What. The. Quack.

They made a Facebook group called Saul Marquez, Hufflepuff. It currently has 90 members, I don’t know half of the members. Regardless, they all agree that I am a Hufflepuff.

It doesn’t end there.

The next day in English class, Mrs. Dilbeck called me a Hufflepuff. Thankfully, Señora Sandoval has been campaigning my true house for me, Gryffindor. Still, it’s not pleasant when you come into English class eveyday and you see the now-familiar sign on the board that reads “SAUL MARQUEZ is a HUFFLEPUFF.” Even when I’m minding my own business, walking through the halls, I get called a Hufflepuff by eveyday other person. Dilbeck suggested to Alana that she should add a “Most Likely to be a Hufflepuff” category into the yearbook, just for me

Isn’t that nice?


  1. Peter January 26, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    You know, it’s unfortunate that you’re a Gryffindor, since the best house is Ravenclaw.

  2. Jahu February 16, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Above post = WIN. XD


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