Mockingjay – Hunger Games 3 Cover & Theories

Last night as I was memorizing lines for Hamlet, Scholastic announced the title and cover of the third and final book in the Hunger Game Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  Feast your eyes on the cover of MOCKINGJAY.


Anyone who has actually read the books will, of course, note the significance of the title.  Still, I think it’s interesting to note the contrasting differences between the titles and covers of all three books.  Obviously, Mockingjay is a lot different than the other two, the first item of business being the color schemes.  Mockingjay‘s cover is considerably lighter and almost hopeful.  In my opinion that’s a large sign of good things to come for Katniss.

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Still not convinced?

Let’s focus more directly on the mockingjay.  Again, looking at the first two books, the mockingjays on those covers are surrounded by a sort of circular pattern.  It’s almost as if they’ve been captured and restrained into a small cage.  This isn’t the case for Mockingjay.  In fact, the mockingjay is not only free from the pattern, but has broken it into fragments.  And I think it goes without saying that mockingjays are symbols of freedom themselves.  It’s seen time and time again throughout the books and *cough cough* “flight is freedom” (Foster–Ahh!).

Whichever way you wanna spin it, I think every fan feels the same as far as the anticipation for this book goes.  Mockingjay is currently scheduled for release on August 24th with a printing of 750,000 copies.  Scholastic is really pushing for a Harry-Potter-esque secrecy on this one.  Unlike the first two books, there will be no Advance Readers Copies of Mockingjay, which should only add to the hype. 😉

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