Mind The Sausage Tree

This new theme like totally screams sausages. The tree grows sausages and there are sausages on the peoples’ heads. How cool is that? Yeah, I know. Way cool.

So…. I dunno what to write….

The giants won….. w00t….. eh…..

I finished writing up the outline to the second Space Dog book. I doubt anyone cares. It’s crazy though. It’ll seriously be the best of the three. But I can’t talk about it. Like, at all. Because the first one still aint out. xD But yeah. I’m excited because, this is going to be my favorite one, and I’ve had it planned out since I was like 12 1/2 =O! So, seeing the entire plot on a crumbled up piece of paper was tizz-ight. And it’ll be the longest one, maybe. I dunno. There’s a lot in three. Because of how I totally kill Space Dog no one at the end of book two. But Book 2 has like eleven more chapter than the first (Space Dog and the Solar Stone Code), which makes it a candidate of being around 350 – 430 pages. Whoah. Holy Quack. I never calculated that until now. I’m going to be sick. Holy Quackamoly. Srsly. That’s…. wow. What am I doing here? I need to go write….



I’ve got Block Homework!!! :C Why did I take that class?


  1. vala February 5, 2008 at 3:29 am

    sooo pretty much, i’m unofficially declaring myself your blog’s biggest fan
    and even though i dont like sausages, i love your sausage-themed site 😀

    notice i’m not a villian this time

  2. SEANY! February 8, 2008 at 3:19 am

    I believe this is a first…. AWESOME!…..

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