Much Ado About a Face. Again.

Back before I lost my face, everyone wanted to be my friend. Why? Because my face was beautiful. I used to be able to get into any movie I wanted because Cindy Loverlips worked at the box office. She loved my face the most. Every Friday night I went to the movies with my then-girlfriend….

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Much Ado About a FACE!

Nobody bothered to tell me that dynamite is explosive. And when I found out, it was already too late. That’s right, I lost my face. It was a pretty face. Before the accident, people used to stop me on the streets asking for pictures. My biggest client was Cindy Loverlips, the richest and therefore prettiest…

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Behold, the Treasure Cove for Writers!

I have been wanting to write this blog post for months!  I’m glad that I’ve been holding off too because I’ve only found more and more things to add as time’s passed. As I’ve been writing Space Dog and prepping for Skarlit Magic, I’ve stumbled upon many websites that have helped me along the way. …

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My Latest Project

First up on my agenda is a really quick update on the site.  If you check out the Portfolio page, you might notice that my short story, Fairy Hunting, is no longer available to read.  The reason is because (from what I can tell) it’s being considered for publication in a contest.  I don’t have…

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From the Lecture: Character Evolution

So among other things, I’m hoping to base a blog entry on a piece of the presentation I gave to local school kids when promoting my book this past school year. I’m going to attempt for every Friday – but NO promises! 🙂 You’re reading a book – and yes, this one’s a page turner. …

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