In 2013, I read 31 books.

I’m going to do better with keeping this thing updated. I promise. Even if the blog posts are short and simple (like this one!) So in 2013, I read 31 books. A few of them were some of the best books I’ve ever read (ever), and others were some of the worst books I’ve ever…

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Hey, after two years, the blog is back and it’s shiny and newish again. 🙂 Be sure to check out: The Bookshelf – Thoughts and reviews of some books I’ve recently read. Gallery – A few drawing and sketches I’ve done in the past (will add more in the near future). Books & Writing –…

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I’m Leaving.

I’ve been putting this post off for sometime now–partially because I haven’t known exactly how to say it, I guess. But it’s time to let the few people who actually care know. I’ve been teasing everyone about it for months now on Twitter. Yes, this is what the #Foreshadow tweets are all about. I’m leaving….

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Dear diary, Last Friday, I bought my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tickets. You did not.  Hahahaha.

I was just thinking…

… I’ve tried my hand at a few things. Webmaster – I started making websites when I was in third grade.  I guess that means when I was nine.  Insane, huh?  My first site was a Digimon fansite (lol) on MSN Communities (the late MSN Groups). Comic book artist/creator – In sixth grade I was…

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My Personal History

This is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about me.  Enjoy 😉 —————————— Lately, my life has felt extremely hectic and exhausting.  School keeps me busy to absolutely no end. Last week, I was up until at least three in the morning doing homework. That was the worst week of my entire life. I guess…

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Talk About Crazy!

This week has been crazy! I’m not really sure where to begin…. maybe the bad stuff? The homework I’ve had in the last week has been ridiculous. There were a few nights where I had two or three assignments from the same teacher at one time (all three due the next day). Some of these…

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It. Is. Finished.

Completed: March 21st, 2009.  Nearly two years to write this one.  480 pages (including title pages, copyright, table of contents – otherwise, it is 452 pages).  151,802 words.

A Mini Book Tour, Maybe?

I don’t quite know what to call it. I guess a series of author visits is fine. Either way, I’ve now visited two schools in the area, the first was Cortina Elementary and the second was Jefferson Elementary and I have been having a BLAST! Okay, not only do I get to miss school (a…

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I’m leaving in less than two hours, it’s over one in the morning and I have yet to sleep as I’m still preparing for this trip.  I just had dinner (as I hadn’t eaten all day). So, I’m going to blog/update everything on my trip on Twitter: Tweets by SprSaul So, everything should be there!…

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Start Spreading the News….

… I’m leaving tomorrow. And I’m nervous. You can ask Ryan about my fear of flying on a plane.  What if it exploades in midair!?!?!?  And they aslways say, “Don’t worry it won’t,” but that’s what they think until it happens!  And by that time it’s too late, like this one time when I was…

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