The following is a short collection of my writings.  Hope you enjoy them–feel free to leave feedback.

Short Stories

Fairy Hunting (Read Now!)
– Written summer of 2009 (2,945 words).

Much Ado About a FACE! (Read Now!)
– A boy with a beautiful face has a destiny to join a top-secret organization and save Kansas.

Much Ado About a Face. Again. (Read Now!)
– A boy with a beautiful face embarks on a top-secret mission to save the Pope of London.


Space Dog and the Solar Stone Code (Out of print)
– Novel: Published 2008.  Book 1 of the Solar Stone Trilogy.

Space Dog and the Black Virus (Unpublished)
– Novel: Book 2 of the Solar Stone Trilogy

Skarlit Magic (Unpublished)
– Novel: Online novel.