Hey, after two years, the blog is back and it’s shiny and newish again. ūüôā

Be sure to check out:

The Bookshelf – Thoughts and reviews of some books I’ve recently read.
Gallery – A few drawing and sketches I’ve done in the past (will add more in the near future).
Books & Writing – Where you can see some of the things I’ve written–if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Within the next week I’ll be fixing the site up a bit, namely updating information on the Space Dog books (which are currently indefinitely¬†on hold) as well as Skarlit Magic (which is also indefinitely¬†on hold).

Things to look out for in the near future include some more book reviews (the next is The Death Cure by James Dashner), the continuation of the “From the Lecture” blog posts, Part Two of my super-incredible-instant-classic-autobiography¬†Much Ado About A Face, and a new website that should be coming up within the next month.

And some other whatsnotsits.

I liked this book and I like taking pictures and they called me Elder Saul Marquez and they call me saulmarq now.

P.S. Don’t judge me if my English is super terrible right now. ¬†I can hardly construct a proper sentence these days! ¬†It’s been too long. ¬†It’ll come back.

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